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saboranch on 23 Sep 2008 09:12 pm

Welcome to Sabo Ranch

SABO RANCH is a premier source for  Devon breeding stock for the West,  gourmet 100% grassfed/grass finished beef, a few A2/A2 Jersey cattle, and a new small herd of American Guinea Hogs, raised on clean fields free of toxic chemicals, without hormones or antibiotics.  LIKE US ON FACEBOOK- Sabo Ranch.


Rotokawa #861, Rotokawa#663, Rotokawa#667, Rotokawa #974- very limited quantities available. Going fast.

Sabo Ranch DEVON bulls– We have a few excellent registered and commercial Rotokawa Devon bulls for sale this spring.  2 year olds, born in May 2014.  Call for availability.  406-685-3248.

GRASSFED BEEF,  EIGHTHS & QUARTERS. AVAILABLE for  AUTUMN 2015.  see below for next order date

Mark and Jenny Sabo, P.O.Box 65, Harrison, MT 59735.  (406)685-3248.   saboranch1@gmail.com-email

Sabo Ranch, owned by Mark and Jenny Sabo and their young sons Riley and Kiril, in Harrison, MT, is committed to managing the land sustainably, keeping land and animals healthy for future generations.  We manage our ranch lands and animals following organic principles (not certified), and give our cattle Redmond and Helfter free choice minerals for premium livestock health, and nutrient dense meats.  Gourmet quality grassfed beef, tender, full of flavor and nutrient dense- SABO RANCH!

Sabo Ranch is committed to raising hardy, self sufficient, elevation adapted Devon cattle for seed stock for the West.  Tested by wolves, wind, elevation (we are at 5000′), and dry land pastures, these Sabo Devons are ready for anything!   Devons are hardy, gentle, fertile, terrific mothers, and gain extremely well on grass!  Our 1000 lb Devon/Angus steers typically give a 62-64% cutout in 20-26 months.  Yearling heifers available for sale.   Call 406-685-3248 or email saboranch1@gmail.com for availability.

Sabo Jerseys are all bred for A2/A2 Beta Casein.  Bred for gentleness & conformation, good mothering, easy keeping, 100% grassfed, milked once daily, fed free choice Helfter minerals for optimum health, trained with electric fence and “tie anywhere” hand milking.  Our Jerseys are familiar with small children, many new visitors, wandering pigs, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks– the ideal family cows!  Each year we have a few trained, bred Jersey females for sale.  Call 406-685-3248 or check the website for news about who is for sale, and when.  They sell fast!

Devon/Angus GRASSFED BEEF  deeply mineralized, 100% grassfed on Sabo Ranch fields, organically managed (not certified):

Mixed EIGHTH or QUARTER Reserve yours now for Autumn 2014.  Approx 100 lbs boxed and frozen, Tenderloins, Ribeye, New York steaks, Roasts, Burger, Fat, Bones.   $100 deposit, call for pricing and availability.  (406-685-3248)  saboranch1@gmail.com.  AVAILABLE for AUTUMN 2015.  Reserve your beef, pick up at the Amsterdam Meat Shop, 6680 Amsterdam Rd., Churchill, MT.

GRASSFED VEAL: (fall 2015)  HALF VEAL. 100% Grassfed, freee ranging with the herd since birth.  Tender, mild, high in omega 3’s and CLA, deeply mineralized with the best program in the country.  Approx. 80 lbs boxed and frozen, market price for autumn 2014.        $75 Deposit required, SABO RANCH, P.O.Box 65, Harrison, MT 59735.  SOLD OUT for 2014.  Sold out for 2015-CALL!  406-685-3248.  We are working out another supplier with our genetics!

Retail Outlets for Sabo Ranch Grassfed Beef:   At Sabo Ranch, 303 Pony Rd., Harrison, MT 59735.  Pick-ups of all ordered beef and pork will be at the Amsterdam Meat Shop, 6680 Amsterdam Rd., Churchill, MT.

The Sabo family gives TOURS to individuals interested in learning about 1) straw bale building, 2) off-grid living, 3) management intensive grazing, 4) natural genetic selection for gourmet, tender grassfed cattle, 5) creating healthy soils for nutritious foods, 6) preparing whole foods using time-tested techniques for health and nutrient availability.  Call 406-685-3248 for available times after March 15, 2015.

Directions: From Interstate 90/Route 287 (Helena/Yellowstone) interchange.  Go south about 25 miles to Harrison (following signs for Ennis/Yellowstone).  In Harrison, turn WEST/RIGHT towards Pony.  At mile marker 3 on the Pony Rd., turn LEFT into our ranch driveway, #303 Pony Rd.

From Route 84/Route 191 interchange (Four Corners).  Go WEST on Hwy 84 towards NORRIS (about 20 miles).  In Norris, turn NORTH/RIGHT onto Hwy 287 towards Harrison, 10 miles.  In Harrison, turn LEFT/WEST towards Pony.  At mile marker 3 on the Pony Rd., turn LEFT into our ranch driveway, #303 Pony Rd.

Mark and Jenny Sabo, Sabo Ranch Grassfed, P.O.Box 65, Harrison, MT 59735  406-685-3248  saboranch1@gmail.com

Prices listed subject to change without notice.

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  1. on 03 Nov 2014 at 9:09 pm 1.Michele Pitts said …

    Hello, Spoke to Jenny this fall re your Devon heifers. See they’re gone but you still have some Angus cross heifers left. Are they red Angus crosses? We are getting some old line Angus (black) from Diamond D which is near you at an auction on Nov 13th. Probably will get a bull and some heifers. Wondering what line of Red Angus you have and do you think to then breed them to our new Black Angus bull would be one way to go. DD Angus is forage developed old Wye genetics. Maybe we can swing by while we’re up there the week of Nov 10th. How difficult would it be to find you guys from Valier area? Would that work for you?
    Thanks, Michele Pitts 541-778-4271

  2. on 14 Apr 2015 at 7:49 pm 2.saboranch said …

    Yes, Michelle, we still have some Devon/Angus yearling heifers. Are you still interested?

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