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Meet the Sabos saboranch on 15 Nov 2008

Riley and Earthworms

Riley, ever the pragmatist, digs for earthworms to feed the baby chicks we raise each spring in our solar heated greenhouse.

The earthworms love the compost, kelp meal, and minerals we add to the soils for the newly planted peppers here.

The chicks love the extra protein, and it teaches them the flavor, and the foraging techniques they will need once they head outside at three weeks of age.

Meet the Sabos saboranch on 14 Nov 2008

Kiril and Chick

We raise our baby chicks for three weeks in our solar heated greenhouse before they head outdoors to forage on pasture for the rest of their lives.

Kiril, age 5, loves to play with them in the extra spring warmth of the greenhouse.

Meet the Sabos saboranch on 12 Nov 2008

Riley and Calf

Riley Sabo, age 8, holds his own Jersey heifer calf, Sabo’s Faline, born March 2008.

Riley currently helps his mother Jenny with milking. When Faline gives birth to her first calf in 2011, Riley will be old enough, 11, to manage her himself.

Meet the Sabos saboranch on 12 Nov 2008

Kiril in the Rain

Kiril, age 5, gets ready to help his parents Mark and Jenny check for new calves in the rain.

We had an unusually wet, cold, May this year, and the children learned that “We weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not!”

Beef Cattle &Dairy Cattle saboranch on 09 Nov 2008

Managing Our Cattle

Our cattle are 100% grassfed, and also consume apple cider vinegar, kelp meal, and a cultured yeast , free choice, for greater health. We use fencing and management of our livestock to keep our watercourses clean and our land welcoming to wildlife.

Our Devon beef cattle herd is a mixture bred from our North Devon bull and Red Angus cows. We continue to select over time for gourmet, tender, flavorful 100% grassfed beef. We use no hormones or backgrounded antibiotics, and have no feedlots of any kind.

Our calves are born in the spring on green grass, in May and June, and are not weaned until they are at least 9 months old. North Devon cattle, in particular the Rotokawa Devon herd that sired our bull, are well known for tender, gourmet 100% grassfed beef.

Our Jersey influence herd of cattle is also 100% grassfed, grazing out in the fields all summer, and supplemented in the winter months with the most nutritious hay we can grow. Our breeding program seeks out the most adapted genetics for 100% grassfed Jerseys, slowly building a top quality herd for creamy milk and tender gourmet meat.

We milk our cows only once a day, and calves live with their mothers at least part time until they are 4 months old, then nurse once daily until they are at least 9 months old. Each Jersey cow, depending on her conformation, is given at least 2 months rest from lactation before she calves again, allowing her to dedicate her energies to the healthiest calf possible.

For more information about our grassfed beef, see the Guidelines and Philosophies page.

Meet the Sabos saboranch on 09 Nov 2008

A Child’s View of the World

Kiril’s grandmother gave him a camera to photograph the world around him. She said the photos would tell a lot about how he sees the world.

We see what this wise lady meant when we look at this photo of a cow!

Photo by Kiril, age 5

Grass Fed Beef Sales saboranch on 07 Nov 2008

Sabo Ranch 100% Grassfed Beef – Products and Philosophies

Jenny and Mark Sabo have made a commitment to make healthy, grassfed meats and other foods available to families who care deeply about the foods they eat, and the health of the animals and land that produced those foods.

Sabo Grassfed Beef and Pastured Pork available for sale at the Ranch, Bozeman Winter Farmers Market (Jan-June 2009), Bozeman’s Bogert Park Farmers Market(June-Sept 2009).  Contact us for autumn sales venues.

Grassfed Beef Burger: $5.00/lb, Pastured Pork Sausage: $6.00/lb, Sabo “Ranch Dogs” sausages $7.50/lb.     1/4 and 1/2 Grassfed Beef carcasses available, limited availability.  $5.00/lb boxed and frozen.

Grassfed Meats CSA: January-June 2009.  SOLD OUT.  July-December 2009, still available.  10 lbs. frozen grassfed meats/month, delivered once monthly.   $420.00 total ($7.00/lb). (All Prices subject to change without notice) 

Grassfed Meats CSA includes, Sabo Ranch grassfed Beef burger and steaks, Sabo “Ranch Dogs” (beef/pork sausages with organic spices and sea salt, no nitrates or MSG), Sabo Ranch Pastured Pork breakfast sausage (organic spices, no MSG or nitrates), 13 Mile Farm organic grassfed Lamb, assorted cuts.

Gourmet Beef that is produced here on our ranch is 100% grassfed on fields that are not sprayed with toxic chemicals. Grains of any kind are never given. Our animals spend their lives in the company of other cattle of varying ages, learning to eat a broad variety of beneficial plants at their mothers’ sides until they are ready to be weaned at 9 months of age.

Pastured Pork is raised here on local barley or certified organic whole grain hog feed (call for current practices and availability).  Pigs are enclosed in movable pens that are moved frequently on pasture, or work to transform winter cattle bedding to compost, with garden greens and grassfed milk to supplement their grain ration.  Limited availability, order ahead!

Our cattle are never enclosed in feedlots, which often require the use of backgrounding antibiotics. Our cattle also grow naturally without the need for growth enhancing hormones.

In addition to summer grasses and winter hay, we (free choice) feed our cattle a custom mineral mixture we mix ourselves, kelp meal for trace minerals, and probiotic yeasts and organic apple cider vinegar for improved digestion and health.

Any animal which does get sick receives appropriate medications, and if it receives antibiotics it is removed from our regular meat program.

Jenny and Mark Sabo have also committed to improving our lands for our resident wildlife.

  • – We use “Predator Friendly” management techniques for our poultry, changing our poultry management when necessary, rather than killing racoons, skunks, badgers, coyotes, and raptors which prey upon our birds
  • – We cycle our grasses across the ranch, keeping all forage fresh and palatable for cattle and wildlife
  • – We preserve natural cover for wildlife during breeding and wintering seasons, for both land and in-stream animals
  • – We use no toxic chemicals which might negatively impact wildlife
  • – We reserve standing dead timber for wild birds to use.

Off Grid Lliving saboranch on 07 Nov 2008

Sabo Home View

The Sabo home is shown, off-grid and insulated with straw bales.

In the foreground at right is our self-ventilating chicken/greenhouse, also insulated with straw bales on the north half. Winter ventilation is achieved with 60′ long “earth tubes”, buried below frost line in front of the greenhouse. In cold weather, these tubes bring in pre-heated air, which escapes passively through an upper window of the chicken house.

This passive airflow keeps the air for both plants and laying hens fresh all winter. The greenhouse feeds us year round, with tomatoes and peppers in summer and salad greens all winter, staying 30-50deg F warmer than outside temperatures in winter.

We compost all chicken bedding (autumn leaves, straw, and wood shavings), and the cows’ straw bedding in the pile next to the chicken house, using it one year later on our fields and our home vegetable garden.

Photo: Steve Simpson