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Meet the Sabos &Sustainable Agriculture saboranch on 15 Feb 2014

Kiril Sabo’s Pastured Poultry activities

Kiril's pastured turkey fed us at Thanksgiving!

Kiril Sabo is our pastured poultry specialist at Sabo Ranch.  He cares for our laying hens and ducks every morning before school or church- often in the dark!

His eggs feed our FAMILY,  GROWING CHICKS, GROWING HOGS, and our ranch CATS and DOGS.

Kiril caring for spring chicks in our greenhouse

A few of Kiril's heritage style Rhode Island Red chickens

Kiril's autumn pastured turkeys, half grown and eating LOTS of green grass.

Beef Cattle &Devon Cattle for Sale &Sustainable Agriculture &Uncategorized &Wildlife saboranch on 02 Feb 2014

Can docile Devons deal with Predators??

This was photographed at 1pm in the middle of the hayfield where our Devon herd was feeding. The deer was killed the previous night by coyotes, cleaned up by 10 bald eagles and numerous magpies, ravens, etc


Devons as small as this first calf heifer, with a pudgy heifer calf due to her high butterfat milk, have no trouble protecting their offspring from our various predators. Docile to all humans, great mothers! This calf has CREAM on her muzzle at the end of nursing, not milk!

Devons have adapted beautifully to the high altitude, predator filled dry land pastures of the high mountain West.

Questions?  Mark and Jenny Sabo, Harrison, MT 406-685-3248. saboranch1@gmail.com