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Devon Cattle for Sale saboranch on 10 Feb 2017


100% Grass Fed.  May 2015 bulls, registered with Red Devon USA.  Rotokawa breeding, no hormones, grains, antibiotics.  Range Ready for open, dry country.  Raised at 5000′ elevation.

Red Devon Bulls are docile, fertile, and ready to breed adult cows.  Moderate framed,  these bulls will be 1900 to 2100 lbs at adult size.  Devons add a degree of docility to every breed in their offspring, and their F1 cross calves easily reach a grass fed finish at 20-24 months of age.

Bulls will be fertility tested upon receipt of a $250 deposit (Good to Excellent Bull Soundness Test required for sale).

Questions:  Call Jenny Sabo, 303 Pony Rd., Harrison, MT 59735.  406-451-6900


MONTANA DEVONS BARD, born 6/8/15. Photo taken December 2016.  BW: 76 lbs.
Sire SABO IRA: H[USN]2097-
Dam BRAEBURN W012: H[USN]1303-

Braeburn W012 at age 6+

MONTANA DEVONS DARIN, born 4/27/15.  Photo taken July 2016.  BW: 82 lbs.
Sire SABO IRA: H-[USN]2097-
Dam SABO ABBY: H[USN]1074-

Sabo Abby at age 8 with her 2016 calf, showing the open rangelands on which these Devon cattle spend their summers. No shade, no protection.

MONTANA DEVONS DART, born 5/12/15. BW 76lbs.
Dam ROTOKAWA 345 H[USN]348

Rotokawa 345 at age 8. Excellent udder and feet. 345 was conceived in New Zealand, born in California quarantine, moved to MA, then Pa, and finally Montana at age 4. Hardy and adaptive!

Questions?  406-451-6900, Harrison, MT


Beef Cattle &Devon Cattle for Sale saboranch on 10 Feb 2017


Red Galloway bull “Andy” at 3 years old.

“Andy” with our Red Devon bull herd and steers, summer 2015. Andy was fed nothing but the forage he himself gathered for the first three years of his life. Extremely hardy, well balanced, with good feet, excellent top line and conformation.

4 year old RED GALLOWAY bull, developed by Joel Jackson of Jackson Trailblazer Ranch in Terry, MT.  Docile, fertile, extremely easy keeping. Moderate framed, intelligent, cooperative.
We used him for one year with our Devon/Angus females for F2 terminal cross calves. We have decided to end that program, so “Andy” needs a new home.

Moderate in frame, and excellent match for a grass fed beef program, or for anyone wishing for moderate framed calves with easy maintenance requirements. $3500.

Questions?:  Contact Jenny Sabo, 303 Pony Rd., Harrison, MT 59735.  406-451-6900 mobile.