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saboranch on 21 Sep 2008 09:35 pm


Photo: Steve Simpson

Photo: Steve Simpson

Our family’s straw bale home home is entirely off-grid. We eat delicious vegetables year round from our straw bale insulated, chicken-heated greenhouse. A root cellar helps preserve our food supply through the winter months.

We also raise a small quantity of pastured poultry each year and use a few spring pigs to compost all our winter cattle bedding. We take care that all animals and plants on the ranch enhance each other’s nutrition and viability. This ranch is a small ecosystem in which all the parts are important and interrelated.

Photo: Steve Simpson

Photo: Steve Simpson

Our boys are growing up in a spectacular setting in the Rocky Mountains, eating healthy foods, and learning how to live in a balanced way on the planet.

We are dedicated to improving the health and conditon of the land, the animals, and the plants on the ranch, all the while creating high nutrition healthy foods. We love to share our products, discoveries, and information with those who are seeking healthy foods and a healthier way of life as well.

You are invited to peek inside our daily lives on the ranch in the category, Meet the Sabos.

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