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Beef Cattle &Devon Cattle for Sale saboranch on 22 Feb 2011

ROTOKAWA Sired Devon Bull for Sale- SABO FRANCIS- SOLD


SOLD: SABO FRANCIS, a registered fullblood DEVON embryo bull born and raised here on Sabo Ranch at 5200' elevation in the foothills of the Tobacco Root Mountains of MONTANA, is a gentle, deep chested, full rumped bull with great feet. Sire: Rotokawa 982, Dam: Watson Farm Sarina. Born 5/22/09, photographed here in Feb. of 2011. FRANCIS is of moderate frame, about 50" at his well-crested shoulder. $3600. Questions? Contact owners Mark and Jenny Sabo, (406)685-3248, or saboranch1@gmail.com. Mail: P.O.Box 65, Harrison, MT 59735

SABO FRANCIS IS SOLD, Sept. 2100.  Subscribe to our website for news about 2012 calves!  email: saboranch1@gmail.com


Devon Cattle for Sale &Events &Jersey Cattle for Sale &Meet the Sabos saboranch on 07 May 2010

Field Day June 19th- information


100% grassfed, field to table, our beef and dairy cattle will be ready to show off their new baby calves at our Sabo Ranch Field Day, June 19, 2010, 11:00-4:00.

SABO RANCH FIELD DAYJune 19, 2010 11:00AM-4:00pm  303 Pony Rd, Harrison, MT

 (just 3 miles off MT Rte 287, between Harrison and Pony, MT)



11:00- Cow Milking and Welcome and Wander

12:00- Tour of Sabo Ranch Cattle (Devon and Jersey) and other Livestock, and Off-Grid Living. 

Tour Topics will include  Off-Grid Living, Heritage & Grassfed Cattle breeding, A2 Milk development, Eating seasonally, Management Intensive Grazing, Redeveloping Locally Grown Food Sources. 

1:00- All Local Food Lunch

(2:00-4:00)- Free Afternoon Classes

- Good Food/Good Health- Eating Local all Year Long


Tanda Cook and Sarah Marshall of Clearwater Health

- Family Dairy Animals- Keeping Your Animal Healthy, and Your Milk Clean

with Jenny Sabo, and Dave Scott of Whitehall,

Adults: $15.00 each, Children FREE

Only 80 spaces available,

Reserve your space now- (406)685-3248, saboranch@gmail.com

Much of this event is OUTSIDE, dress accordingly.  Please leave dogs in your car, to keep them safe from protective mother cows.  There will be a safe field for dog walking about 1/4 mile away from the cattle.

Bring your swimsuits and towels, and stop for a relaxing soak at Norris Hot Springs on the way home, just 13 miles south, near the junction of Hwy 287 and Rt 84.

Beef Cattle &Devon Cattle for Sale saboranch on 22 Feb 2010

Our first Rotokawa Devon heifer- Sabo Abby born 5/11/08

Sabo Abby (Sire: Rotokawa 93, Dam: Rotokawa 958) photographed Feb 2010, after a winter eating only standing grass and 20 lbs/day of 1st cutting hay.

SABO ABBY (Sire: Rotokawa 93, Dam: Rotokawa 958) photographed Feb 2010, after a winter eating only standing grass and 20 lbs/day of 1st cutting hay.

Sabo Abby, just after she was born in a May Montana snowstorm, the first of our 2008 calves.  Abby is an ET(embryo transplant) calf, borne and nursed by one of our Red Angus heifers.

SABO ABBY, just after she was born in a May Montana snowstorm, the first of our 2008 calves. Abby is an ET(embryo transplant) calf, borne and nursed by one of our Red Angus heifers.

SABO ABBY is the first of our growing herd of purebred Rotokawa Devon cattle.  The eldest of our 8 current Rotokawa Devons, Abby is gentle, intelligent, and remarkably easy keeping.  Although she was carried by and born to our most slender Red Angus cow (in her first pregnancy!), Abby is showing her Devon genetics well.   We will be harvesting embryos from Abby this summer.   We look towards increasing our Montana-born Rotokawa Devons for ourselves, and other cattle ranchers seeking their easy keeping, easy fleshing, tender, 100% grassfed genetics.

ABBY is not for sale, as we are building our current herd.  We will not be selling our Rotokawa embryo Devon heifers (Sabo Abby, Belle, Callie, or Dora), but will be harvesting embryos once from each of them, and might have embryos for sale if all goes well on that endeavor.  ABBY’s full brother, Sabo BEN, is for sale, photos coming soon!

We have more Rotokawa ET bull calves (born May 2009) here than we will need, and will be selecting which to sell next spring, 2011.  They are looking terrific at the moment, even in the dead of winter!  Look for a post coming soon with photos of our 2009 crop of Rotokawa Devons!

For more information about our Rotokawa Devons, or our Devon crossbred cattle, contact us at (406)685-3248, saboranch@gmail.com

Beef Cattle &Devon Cattle for Sale &Grass Fed Beef Sales &Sustainable Agriculture saboranch on 12 Jan 2010

2012 Grassfed Devon/Red Angus Beef for Sale

Sabo Ranch Red Angus cows with their Devon/Angus calves, grazing on a lovely June day

2010 Grassfed Beef for Sale

Sabo Ranch’s Devon Grassfed Burgers, will be available at the BioBURGERS tent, fresh for dinner at Bogert Park Farmers Market this summer, Tuesdays, 5-8pm.  ALL LOCAL and organic, with everything from ketchup to side salads grown and prepared as close to Bozeman as possible.
Also find Sabo Beef at Norris Hot Springs and The Daily Coffee Bar at Rouse&Oak in Bozeman.

Sabo Ranch Devon/Angus Mixed Quarter Beef for SALE

Next Butcher Dates September, 2012. Delivery to Bozeman 2-3 weeks post butcher date, or pick-up your beef at Sabo Ranch when ready.
10% off for returning Quarter customers!  First come first served.  Order now, only 12 Custom Quarters available for September, 2012.

$5.25/lb boxed and frozen, 90-100 lbs of meat per mixed quarter (Rib steaks, Sirloin, T-Bone, Brisket, Skirt, Flank, Round and Rib roasts, Burger, (free Bones and Fat if desired). $100.- deposit required to reserve your beef.  Prices subject to change without notice.
TO ORDER YOUR 2012 GRASSFED BEEF, raised without hormones, antibiotics, or toxics on hay or pasture, deeply mineralized with free choice minerals for the cattle.     email: saboranch1@gmail.com, or telephone us at (406)685-3248

Beef Cattle &Dairy Cattle &Devon Cattle for Sale &Events &Grass Fed Beef Sales &Meet the Sabos &Off Grid Lliving &Sustainable Agriculture saboranch on 15 Dec 2009

Field Day- Sabo Ranch- June 19, 2010- 11:00 to 4:00

Jenny and Mark Sabo

Jenny and Mark Sabo

Sabo Ranch Field Day 2009
Sabo Ranch Field Day 2009

Come Meet the Sabos and Tour the Sabo Ranch – Saturday, June 19, 2010, 11:00am-4:00pm.  Tent Provided this year for dry/shaded eating!!!

100% Grassfed DEVON and JERSEY Cattle, Management Intensive Grazing, Off Grid Living, Eating Local Foods, Grassfed Beef, Pastured Pork, Pastured Poultry.  Only 150 Spaces available, Local Food Lunch served.

After Lunch SEMINARS: 2:00-4:00pm

1. GOOD FOOD/GOOD FUTURES- How to Source Great Local Food HERE!, Keep yourself Healthy all year on Local Food, and Why Your Purchases will Change our LOCAL ECONOMY for all of us.

2. FAMILY DAIRY ANIMALS- How to Choose the Best Genetics for Family and Friends, How to Keep Animals and Milk CLEAN AND HEALTHY.

Tour with Jenny and Mark Sabo will discuss:

– Breeding Jersey cattle to A2/A2 New Zealand bulls, tightening breeding season towards seasonal milking.

Rotokawa Devon cattle:  Harvesting embryos from “Sabo Abby”, our first Rotokawa Devon, implanting in other Sabo Red Angus previous recipient cows, using seasonal fertility patterns in cattle. Testing for A2/A2 status in Devon Herd.

– More Management Intensive Grazing (MIG)practices with beef cattle

– MIG with laying hens
– Sabo Ranch Interns- the importance of training future Sustainable Farmers/Ranchers
– Direct Marketing Grassfed Beef
– Devon Burgers for fresh food sales added to Bogert Farmers Market activities Summer 2010.
 1/4 Carcass Beef Harvest, single week harvest, for compacted beef sales, premium Omega 3 levels in the grassfed beef

Tour and Meal:  $15/Adult, Children 12& under FREE. 

**$7.50/Young Farmers 12-21(free with reservation before 5/1/10)**.

Beef Cattle &Devon Cattle for Sale &Grass Fed Beef Sales &Sustainable Agriculture saboranch on 08 Dec 2009

Sabo Ranch Devon bull calf- born 5/09

This nice, full bodied bull calf is an example of the Rotokawa bulls Sabo Ranch will have for sale in winter 2010.  These bulls are Embryo Transplant calves from the Rotokawa Devon herd now living in Massachusetts.  933 is of moderate frame, gentle, 100% grassfed, and easy keeping, a great example of the Devon breed’s ability to thrive on sustainable, ranch grown forages.

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