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Beef Cattle &Devon Cattle for Sale saboranch on 17 Apr 2012

Rotokawa Devons invade the West!

At long last, Western ranchers can find the magnificent Rotokawa Devon cattle IN the West.  Sabo Ranch has added to their own stock of embryo Rotokawas with the purchase of 12 females from the Pennsylvania herd of the Rotokawa Cattle Company, which means that we are expecting 15 fullblood Rotokawa Devon calves in 2012, and 25 calves next year, 2013!

SABO EBAN, sired by Rotokawa 974, is one of our current herd bulls. An embryo calf born and raised here at Sabo Ranch, EBAN is photographed here in May 2011.

Come view these wonderful animals (Field Day June 16, 10:00-4:00), and consider using Rotokawa Devon semen, or a bull, to add depth, docility, and high quality grassfed beef genetics to your herd.  Devons routinely improve meat tenderness, add a finer grain to a crossbred steer’s carcass, and speed up the crossbred animal’s ability to finish on grass.

In addition to our purebred Devon herd, we keep a small herd of grade Red Angus and their Devon crossbred offspring on the ranch, so you can see in person what these Rotokawa Devons can achieve in the F1, first generation cross.  Devon crossbred calves are easy to calve, and extremely vigorous at birth.  In four years of calving we have assisted only one Red Angus heifer (with only one short manual pull in the field).  These Devon crossbred calves are routinely up and nursing within minutes of hitting the ground, even in the late May snowstorms that are the norm here at 5000′ elevation.  Every Devon crossbred heifer and steer calf from our Red Angus mothers shows a much better rump and body depth than their mothers, for better meat cutout at butchering.  Rotokawa Devon bulls have terrific foot conformation, and have repaired in the next generation the “cross-toe” hooves that sadly came with many of our first Red Angus.  These bulls are made for range conditions– they travel well, their red color allows them to function well in summer’s heat, and their high fertility allows them great efficiency in breeding.

Sabo Cow #833, one of the first Rotokawa Devon/Red Angus calves we saved(Born May 2008, photographed April 2012). All meat, docile, and a terrific mother, she is an excellent example of our crossbred calves!

Devon bulls are known for their fertility and high sperm count, and although these are docile and easy to handle, they quietly get the job done!  With 49 out of 50 Sabo cows bred this year, we can attest to their fertility!  Sabo Ranch Devon bulls are 100% grassfed and pasture raised.  Any photos we have show our bulls in their working clothes.  No grain primping, no extra supplements, no time lounging in a small feedlot.  Our bulls are 100% range raised, with their only extra inputs the free choice minerals they receive daily, year round.

Sabo Ranch Rotokawa Devon bulls are not weaned until 10 months of age, giving each bull calf ample time to benefit from his mother’s immune system and excellent butterfat.  Thereafter, Sabo Ranch Devon bulls are raised with the older bulls and steers on the ranch.  They learn proper herd hierarchy and behavior, and mesh smoothly into a buyer’s new herd as a result.  Grazing dryland pastures in the summer, and eating browse and alfalfa/grass hay in the winter, these bulls are hardy, docile, and ready to work!   As an example of their docility, last year our bulls found themselves across a barbed wire fence from the neighbor’s hot cows.  Only the 3 year old patriarch swam the arm of the lake separating him from the winsome ladies– all the yearling bulls just mooned on our side of the fence!  We have always found that when we need to “store” a Devon bull in a field by himself, he happily stays there, on the proper side of the fence.  Calm and intelligent, they are a delight to have on a ranch where our children routinely help us work cattle in the field, on foot.

Easy calving, docile, hardy, great on grass, tender high quality beef, great carcass cutout–  


Sabo Ranch, Harrison, MT 406-685-3248.  Rotokawa Devon/Red Angus females currently for sale, born 2008-2011.  Call 406-685-3248 for availability, or email saboranch1@gmail.com.

Beef Cattle &Devon Cattle for Sale saboranch on 02 Dec 2011

Rotokawa Devon bull Sabo Eban for sale


Sabo Eban, registered Devon bull, sired by Rotokawa 974, dam Rotokawa 930.  Full rumped, gentle, intelligent, fertile, 49″ at the shoulder.  Eban will build rumps, moderate frame size, easy calving, and gentleness into any crossbred herd, with excellent tender beef for grassfed production.  Ask our butcher (Wayne Worley, Montana’s Best Meats, Whitehall, MT 406-287-3457)!


Sabo Eban, Rotokawa Devon bull, just back from 6 weeks with our beef herd (photographed Oct 5, 2011).  Trim, fit, and ready for more work!  Eban is an embryo bull, raised by a Red Angus mother here on our ranch at 5200′ elevation.  Born May 19, 2009, Eban is ready for a long life of herd improvement.   Interested?  Contact us a 406-685-3248, or saboranch1@gmail.com.

Sabo Eban, showing terrific teat placement for balanced udders in his daughters.  $7000, embryo bred by Bakewell Reproductive Co., born and raised at Sabo Ranch, Harrison, MT 59735.  (406-685-3248)

Beef Cattle &Devon Cattle for Sale saboranch on 22 Feb 2010

Our first Rotokawa Devon heifer- Sabo Abby born 5/11/08

Sabo Abby (Sire: Rotokawa 93, Dam: Rotokawa 958) photographed Feb 2010, after a winter eating only standing grass and 20 lbs/day of 1st cutting hay.

SABO ABBY (Sire: Rotokawa 93, Dam: Rotokawa 958) photographed Feb 2010, after a winter eating only standing grass and 20 lbs/day of 1st cutting hay.

Sabo Abby, just after she was born in a May Montana snowstorm, the first of our 2008 calves.  Abby is an ET(embryo transplant) calf, borne and nursed by one of our Red Angus heifers.

SABO ABBY, just after she was born in a May Montana snowstorm, the first of our 2008 calves. Abby is an ET(embryo transplant) calf, borne and nursed by one of our Red Angus heifers.

SABO ABBY is the first of our growing herd of purebred Rotokawa Devon cattle.  The eldest of our 8 current Rotokawa Devons, Abby is gentle, intelligent, and remarkably easy keeping.  Although she was carried by and born to our most slender Red Angus cow (in her first pregnancy!), Abby is showing her Devon genetics well.   We will be harvesting embryos from Abby this summer.   We look towards increasing our Montana-born Rotokawa Devons for ourselves, and other cattle ranchers seeking their easy keeping, easy fleshing, tender, 100% grassfed genetics.

ABBY is not for sale, as we are building our current herd.  We will not be selling our Rotokawa embryo Devon heifers (Sabo Abby, Belle, Callie, or Dora), but will be harvesting embryos once from each of them, and might have embryos for sale if all goes well on that endeavor.  ABBY’s full brother, Sabo BEN, is for sale, photos coming soon!

We have more Rotokawa ET bull calves (born May 2009) here than we will need, and will be selecting which to sell next spring, 2011.  They are looking terrific at the moment, even in the dead of winter!  Look for a post coming soon with photos of our 2009 crop of Rotokawa Devons!

For more information about our Rotokawa Devons, or our Devon crossbred cattle, contact us at (406)685-3248, saboranch@gmail.com

Beef Cattle &Devon Cattle for Sale &Grass Fed Beef Sales &Sustainable Agriculture saboranch on 12 Jan 2010

2012 Grassfed Devon/Red Angus Beef for Sale

Sabo Ranch Red Angus cows with their Devon/Angus calves, grazing on a lovely June day

2010 Grassfed Beef for Sale

Sabo Ranch’s Devon Grassfed Burgers, will be available at the BioBURGERS tent, fresh for dinner at Bogert Park Farmers Market this summer, Tuesdays, 5-8pm.  ALL LOCAL and organic, with everything from ketchup to side salads grown and prepared as close to Bozeman as possible.
Also find Sabo Beef at Norris Hot Springs and The Daily Coffee Bar at Rouse&Oak in Bozeman.

Sabo Ranch Devon/Angus Mixed Quarter Beef for SALE

Next Butcher Dates September, 2012. Delivery to Bozeman 2-3 weeks post butcher date, or pick-up your beef at Sabo Ranch when ready.
10% off for returning Quarter customers!  First come first served.  Order now, only 12 Custom Quarters available for September, 2012.

$5.25/lb boxed and frozen, 90-100 lbs of meat per mixed quarter (Rib steaks, Sirloin, T-Bone, Brisket, Skirt, Flank, Round and Rib roasts, Burger, (free Bones and Fat if desired). $100.- deposit required to reserve your beef.  Prices subject to change without notice.
TO ORDER YOUR 2012 GRASSFED BEEF, raised without hormones, antibiotics, or toxics on hay or pasture, deeply mineralized with free choice minerals for the cattle.     email: saboranch1@gmail.com, or telephone us at (406)685-3248

Beef Cattle &Devon Cattle for Sale &Grass Fed Beef Sales &Sustainable Agriculture saboranch on 08 Dec 2009

Sabo Ranch Devon bull calf- born 5/09

This nice, full bodied bull calf is an example of the Rotokawa bulls Sabo Ranch will have for sale in winter 2010.  These bulls are Embryo Transplant calves from the Rotokawa Devon herd now living in Massachusetts.  933 is of moderate frame, gentle, 100% grassfed, and easy keeping, a great example of the Devon breed’s ability to thrive on sustainable, ranch grown forages.

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