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May 26-28 2018 World Devon Congress Mini-Tour HOST: Come participate!

Interested in Red Devons, and want to know more? Come participate in Harrison, MT May 26-28, 2018!

5/26/18:  Tour the Amsterdam Meat Shop to see a premier local butcher and meat processing facility with animal holding pens and knock box designed by world famous facility designer Temple Grandin. Manhattan, MT.

5/27/18:  Tour Montana Red Devons ranch and Devon cattle, Harrison, MT, and share 2 delicious Devon beef meals with locally harvested ingredients, with a soak at Norris Hot Springs before dinner. Harrison, MT.
5/28/18:  A chance to tour Yellowstone National Park with U.S. and international Devon breeders- a lifetime opportunity to “talk Devons” with breeders from all over the US and the world. Bus leaves from Bozeman, MT.

For tickets, contact www.reddevonusa.com.  Questions?  Call Montana Red Devons host Jenny Kahrl at 406-451-6900, or email to jmkahrl1@gmail.com

Grass Fed Beef Sales saboranch on 01 Nov 2017


It’s autumn, and Montana Devons Young Beef is available. The MOST TENDER beef you will ever eat. This is often called “rose veal” in other parts of the country- rose colored, mild flavored, tender and lean. DELICIOUS!
$7.35/lb boxed and frozen, 100+/- lbs per HALF. 100% grass fed and finished, no hormones or antibiotics.
$100 deposit requested, Harrison Lake Ranch, P.O.Box 65, Harrison, MT 59735. Call for availability, 406-451-6900

Grass Fed Beef Sales saboranch on 07 Nov 2008

Sabo Ranch 100% Grassfed Beef – Products and Philosophies

Jenny and Mark Sabo have made a commitment to make healthy, grassfed meats and other foods available to families who care deeply about the foods they eat, and the health of the animals and land that produced those foods.

Sabo Grassfed Beef and Pastured Pork available for sale at the Ranch, Bozeman Winter Farmers Market (Jan-June 2009), Bozeman’s Bogert Park Farmers Market(June-Sept 2009).  Contact us for autumn sales venues.

Grassfed Beef Burger: $5.00/lb, Pastured Pork Sausage: $6.00/lb, Sabo “Ranch Dogs” sausages $7.50/lb.     1/4 and 1/2 Grassfed Beef carcasses available, limited availability.  $5.00/lb boxed and frozen.

Grassfed Meats CSA: January-June 2009.  SOLD OUT.  July-December 2009, still available.  10 lbs. frozen grassfed meats/month, delivered once monthly.   $420.00 total ($7.00/lb). (All Prices subject to change without notice) 

Grassfed Meats CSA includes, Sabo Ranch grassfed Beef burger and steaks, Sabo “Ranch Dogs” (beef/pork sausages with organic spices and sea salt, no nitrates or MSG), Sabo Ranch Pastured Pork breakfast sausage (organic spices, no MSG or nitrates), 13 Mile Farm organic grassfed Lamb, assorted cuts.

Gourmet Beef that is produced here on our ranch is 100% grassfed on fields that are not sprayed with toxic chemicals. Grains of any kind are never given. Our animals spend their lives in the company of other cattle of varying ages, learning to eat a broad variety of beneficial plants at their mothers’ sides until they are ready to be weaned at 9 months of age.

Pastured Pork is raised here on local barley or certified organic whole grain hog feed (call for current practices and availability).  Pigs are enclosed in movable pens that are moved frequently on pasture, or work to transform winter cattle bedding to compost, with garden greens and grassfed milk to supplement their grain ration.  Limited availability, order ahead!

Our cattle are never enclosed in feedlots, which often require the use of backgrounding antibiotics. Our cattle also grow naturally without the need for growth enhancing hormones.

In addition to summer grasses and winter hay, we (free choice) feed our cattle a custom mineral mixture we mix ourselves, kelp meal for trace minerals, and probiotic yeasts and organic apple cider vinegar for improved digestion and health.

Any animal which does get sick receives appropriate medications, and if it receives antibiotics it is removed from our regular meat program.

Jenny and Mark Sabo have also committed to improving our lands for our resident wildlife.

  • – We use “Predator Friendly” management techniques for our poultry, changing our poultry management when necessary, rather than killing racoons, skunks, badgers, coyotes, and raptors which prey upon our birds
  • – We cycle our grasses across the ranch, keeping all forage fresh and palatable for cattle and wildlife
  • – We preserve natural cover for wildlife during breeding and wintering seasons, for both land and in-stream animals
  • – We use no toxic chemicals which might negatively impact wildlife
  • – We reserve standing dead timber for wild birds to use.