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Meet the Sabos saboranch on 15 Nov 2008

Riley and Earthworms

Riley, ever the pragmatist, digs for earthworms to feed the baby chicks we raise each spring in our solar heated greenhouse.

The earthworms love the compost, kelp meal, and minerals we add to the soils for the newly planted peppers here.

The chicks love the extra protein, and it teaches them the flavor, and the foraging techniques they will need once they head outside at three weeks of age.

Meet the Sabos saboranch on 14 Nov 2008

Kiril and Chick

We raise our baby chicks for three weeks in our solar heated greenhouse before they head outdoors to forage on pasture for the rest of their lives.

Kiril, age 5, loves to play with them in the extra spring warmth of the greenhouse.

Meet the Sabos saboranch on 12 Nov 2008

Riley and Calf

Riley Sabo, age 8, holds his own Jersey heifer calf, Sabo’s Faline, born March 2008.

Riley currently helps his mother Jenny with milking. When Faline gives birth to her first calf in 2011, Riley will be old enough, 11, to manage her himself.

Meet the Sabos saboranch on 12 Nov 2008

Kiril in the Rain

Kiril, age 5, gets ready to help his parents Mark and Jenny check for new calves in the rain.

We had an unusually wet, cold, May this year, and the children learned that “We weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not!”

Meet the Sabos saboranch on 09 Nov 2008

A Child’s View of the World

Kiril’s grandmother gave him a camera to photograph the world around him. She said the photos would tell a lot about how he sees the world.

We see what this wise lady meant when we look at this photo of a cow!

Photo by Kiril, age 5

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